What to Look For in a Stem Cell Supplement

New Earth

After studying nutrition and how it affects the body, we’ve developed a protocol that has helped our clients naturally support the body’s own healthy immune function and renewal.

Your body has the power to rebuild and replace every cell in the body. Quality food, wholesome food supplements and a healthy digestive tract are the building blocks your body uses to repair and rebuild. This leads to true health and well-being.

The approach we’ve developed is a safe and easy way to nourish and help the body renew itself. We’ve discovered the highest quality stem cell nutrition supplement. This supplement is extraordinary fuel for helping the body to heal and regenerate, especially when combined with pure whole food and functional food supplements for safe, natural and effective daily nutrition.

When selecting a stem cell supplement, consider the following:

  • Has the formula been proven effective and safe through a body of peer-reviewed, published University research studies?
    In other words, is it grounded in good science?
  • Is the stem cell supplement produced by a company with a solid 30-year track record of purity and safety with thousands of lifelong satisfied consumers?
  • Is it manufactured according to the strict, consumer-safety protocol by a company certified in NSF Good Manufacturing Practices (NSF GMP)?
  • Is the stem cell supplement thoroughly tested and found to be free from all known toxins?
  • Does it help maintain a healthy immune system function?
  • Has the stem cell supplement demonstrated an improvement in cognitive functioning through a peer-reviewed, published study?
  • Are coordinated whole food and functional food nutritional supplements available to support the absorption and use of the stem cell supplement by the body?

The product I use and recommend, Renew, meets all criteria above, with quality results, not hype.

Renew: A pure nutritional bounty

How do I get the most benefit from Renew?

  • Research has shown that the body best absorbs the stem cell nutrition in Renew when the 2 daily capsules are consumed at the same time each day, with food. Most clients consume Renew with dinner or at bedtime. Since the antioxidant formula of Renew has a natural relaxation effect on the body, clients who consume Renew at dinner or bedtime often report sounder sleep. This makes sense since the immune system rebuilds and performs its most vital functions while we sleep.
  • Today, when foods are sprayed with pesticides and herbicides, irradiated, genetically modified and highly processed, the body needs highly nutritious organic whole foods, organic whole food supplements and functional food supplements more now than ever. A properly nourished body will create a solid foundation for any specialized nutrition, including Renew, to be well absorbed and used by the body. We offer suggestions of product combinations that, when taken with Renew, will help create that healthy foundation for all foods and supplements to work more effectively in the body.
  • A healthy body relies on sufficient hydration. Nutritionists usually recommend that a person consume pure spring water in the amount of one-half his/her body weight in ounces daily. So, a 160 lb. person would ideally consume water in the amount of at least 80 ounces or more daily. For most effective hydration, water is best consumed at or near room temperature, sipped between meals. When water is too cold, the body needs to work harder to maintain “homeostasis” and the normal internal body temperature of approximately 98.6 degrees. If a large amount of cold water is consumed at mealtimes, the body typically needs to delay or stop the process of digestion to focus on maintaining a normal internal temperature. This negatively impacts the digestive process and may lead to digestive health issues in time.
  • The best way to accomplish any dietary changes is in small steps, setting goals and making incremental progress each week and month towards the goal of a healthier diet and lifestyle. You are worth it.