What People Are Saying

New Earth

I feel myself again.

I had major neck surgery in June of 2006. After the surgery, I was unable to work and live as I wanted. I had a very limited ability to sit and work at my desk. I was not mentally sharp, and found myself without the energy to finish many tasks in my business. I was able to work for a total of only two hours a day. A month after adding Renew to the other New Earth products I consume, I can now work at my desk for several hours – four to six – of the day. I am finishing tasks as they come up, instead of finding that I forget what I am doing and cannot concentrate. Most important to me, I feel MYSELF again, as far as alertness, mental clarity, and actual accomplishments go!

2012 UPDATE: In 2010, I had to have a second cervical spinal surgery.  Despite having severe spinal cord impingement, I still am able to work several hours a day. I have no doubt at all that my quick recovery and ability to stay active are due to the New Earth products I use daily. I would not go without them!

Barbara Swanson,  Grants Pass, Oregon


I LOVE Renew!

I just have to tell you….I LOVE Renew! Really, within the 2nd day I experienced a significant change. As you know, sleep eludes me and anxiety prevails with the amount of stress and life changes I have in my life right now. The second day I took Renew before I went to sleep, I slept almost the whole night thru…and felt so rested when I woke up. This has continued..and even thru a super stressful work day with long hours, I felt a sense of deep relaxation. So..yay! I’ve been waking up in the morning for the first time in months without that awful anxiety and getting morning walks in and enjoying positive thoughts instead of the ticker tape of all that is so overwhelming for me. I have been working on all areas of my life….mind, body and spirit and this seems to have given me a quantum leap. Green smoothies with the Wild Algae Blend, more exercise, meditation, Wild Body and Wild Mind microalgae …all is good!

Melissa S.


Good news about my mother-in-law!

My mother-in-law, Jan, had blood work done about a month ago and we finally received the news from the doctor.

Jan has been taking the Essentials and Renew for several months now. She has been living with us for 2 and half years since her husband died and has Alzheimer’s. Her cholesterol went form 244 to 215 and her triglycerides from 172 to 121!!

WOW! This was just the info we received over the phone. We will have the entire report in a few days!

Pass on this good info to anyone you would like!

Pastor Bert H. Eickhoff


Optimizing the potential of Renew.

I heard from a friend about a product that had the potential to increase stem cell production. I wanted to hear more about that.

Then I saw a presentation about it and also picked up the Renew brochure. As a nurse for many years, I saw information in the brochure that had a huge impact on me. The research behind this product was performed by esteemed research scientists whose work has at times been funded by the National Institutes of Health, the leading research institution in this country. The amazing results of the research were also included in the brochure. It took me about three seconds to make the decision … pretty much a no-brainer. By the end of the first week, I knew that the product agreed with my system.

I want to optimize the potential of Renew, to get the most benefit from it possible. So I decided to take the blue-green microalgae, probiotics, and enzymes, as well. Since the products work synergistically, I thought this would give me maximal results with Renew, and the best results from all of the products. And I haven’t been disappointed!



I can scarcely believe it myself.

I know it may sound too good to be true, but here is my experience with Renew. I’ve been having some left knee challenges for several months. I work part-time in catering with a lot of heavy lifting, and up and down stairs work. That knee has been bearing the brunt of the work.

I took two capsules the first night that we got Renew, thinking, “Hey, I wonder what this will do for me.” The next morning I walked as easily as if I didn’t have any problems. When we left for the airport, the security machinery was down so we needed to walk the length of about 10 gates to enter a different area. I walked it and then walked back to get to our gate. I wasn’t running, but I wasn’t moaning, either.

It has been that way ever since. I can scarcely believe it myself.

Kate Rander, Virginia


Enhanced well-being.

Recently I accompanied my parents on a mini vacation to Reno, NV, as they are not confident enough to travel on their own, given their own physical limitations. My mother has had several back surgeries and has been diagnosed with lung fibrosis, so she is in constant pain and literally moans in her sleep. My father has chronic low back and leg pain and anxiety attacks, so he sleeps with a mask to help him breathe.

I started them on Renew as soon as we started our trip. By the third day, my mother’s sleep moaning decreased dramatically, and my father did not need his breathing mask by the third night.

Both felt better energy and look forward to continuing with the product and experiencing enhanced well-being.  

Charlotte Carreira, Capitola, CA


Thank you for giving my life back to me!

I took my first Renew capsules the afternoon they arrived. On only the second day of taking Renew, it is nearly impossible to put into words the difference I experienced. It’s exciting to feel so great. I am able to remain active all day.

Thank you for this awesome product and for giving my life back to me!   

Mary Banker


Looks and feels fitter.

I have been taking Renew for about nine months. My friends and family have all remarked on how much fitter I look, and I certainly feel it. Even my general practitioner has noticed and told me to “carry on doing whatever it is that you are doing.” I have now got my sister taking Renew. She has been taking it for about six weeks now and has ordered another three months’ supply. I would say to anyone to start taking Renew.

Jennifer Clegg,
Newcastleton, Scotland, UK


Feels more endurance and energy.

I’m pleased to finally have a personal testimony about Renew, and would like to add mine to those you’ve already received.

I have taken all the supplements from New Earth since 1994, and added Renew when it was introduced. I’m now 56 years old and feel blessed that I don’t have any health issues or chronic pain. So I never expected to “feel” a difference when I began taking Renew. However, the following morning I got up and went to aerobics class and I even went on to tap class later that day!

Mary Hurst


More focused, greater stamina.

Nutrition, exercise, and health in general have been my passion. As a dental hygienist, mom, and “practicing nutritionist,” I have been motivated to educate others on the issues of limiting sugar, having good digestion, supporting immune system, and making superfoods a part of an overall healthy diet. But I also feel compelled to help in additional ways, and this year I am doing an Olympic distance triathlon with Team in Training for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Normally I work out 5-7 days a week, which I have been doing for over 15 years. I decided that the older I get, the harder it is to keep starting over every time I get too busy to work out. Now I know at the beginning of the week when and what I will be doing: swimming 45-60 minutes several times a week, running, elliptical training or deep water jogging 2-3 days, and spinning (cycling) two days. In winter I also do 2-3 days of weight training a week. With the triathlon coming up, what I am doing now is training seven days straight, with a day off every 2-3 weeks.

When I started with New Earth products almost 10 years ago, one of the first things I can feel how they are supporting me. During training, I will increase my daily amount of antioxidant Energize, as well as vitamin E every other day. I’ll also start using the (microalgae and botanical blend) the EDGE supplements again before a workout … oh my, there is nothing like it, especially at 6 AM! I normally use 6 Wild Body and 4 Wild Mind, as well as Enzymes Plus with meals daily. If I am running at night, I might take four more Wild Body around 1 or 2 PM. I will use Acidophilus and Bifidus and increase the amount of enzymes, taking them throughout the day. I just started using Renew and I think it is the combination of Renew and a more consistent exercise routine, diet, and the other supplements I am using that allow me to feel more focused than I have in the past. Even though I have a tough routine (which will only get longer as I get closer to the summer), I feel very joyous and very focused on giving to Team in Training for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Marla Schlessel


I am amazed.

I still continue to be amazed by Renew. Two days ago I helped my son clean the garage and move two rooms of furniture, up and down the stairs all day, and then I raked up all the fall leaves in the yard. I was tired at the end of the day, but not hurting. I thought I would pay for all the work the next day, but my body was very happy the next day and today too. I am amazed. I want to understand more how this combination of foods and amino acids work! 

Linda Ellis-Ilg, 
Salem, OR